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Illustration has the ability to explain complex ideas and emotions quickly and easily to understand and recognised.  I help my clients design and create a system of brand illustrations
as a visual language that words cannot explain alone.


Your brand recognition is very important and having a brand illustrations designed
specifically for your business is a must. 

Re-imagining Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
My Illustration is seen as original and stylised depicting diversity.


'Escape'  £65

Giclee print 20"x12.5"

watercolour, ink and digital collage


I incorporated Thai traditional decorative art often seen in palaces and temples of Thailand into a British context of children's literature.


'Curiosity'  £45

Giclee print 10"x12.5"

watercolour, ink and digital collage


Children love countryside.  I adopted Calne local woodland walking path as a background of the story when Alice first met the White Rabbit.

Giclee prints are eco-friendly printed on archival papers and ink.

Papers are 'acid free.'  This kind of paper has less chemical agents involved in the manufacturing process, which makes it a more environmentally friendly option.

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