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I am a graphic designer, artist and illustrator with many years of work experience in the print and digital media.  I recently graduated with MA in Visual Communication Design and became a Designer in Residence at Emerge Creative Studio in Bath where I continue my creative practice as an entrepreneur.


Based in my Little Wan's Studio in Calne, Wiltshire, I am building my startup brand for my art and design business including graphic design & illustration services and
weekend art workshops.


In responding to the climate change, I help promote sustainability at the forefront of my design development.

The opportunity to work with family, small business owners and organisation is invaluable experience and yet encouraging environmentally friendly practice in art and design projects, services and products are somewhat more than satisfying!

My mission is to offer bespoke, environmental art workshops for children and create graphic design and illustration work that have positive impact
on the environment, society and the world we live in.



To be the world eco-friendly artist and designer to help build a greener world for the future !

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